Slack is the amplifier, not the problem

Some thoughts in response to a great bit of discussion popping up around Slack, some of the annoyances of the platform, and whether or not Slack is delivering on its promise to “be less busy.” In his post on Facebook, Rob has a valid point. Slack can help you be more productive, but people can make it less so. More specifically, a lack of purpose and direction allows user behavior to wreck the user experience, leading to lower adoption rates, and an inadequate collaboration experience.

The (Ongoing) Saga of USPS' Utter Failure

TL;DR: I purchased two copies of a book to send one each to my sisters and their families. I mailed them both via USPS “Priority Mail 3-Day” shipping. My sister in Alaska received hers in 3 days. My sister in Kansas City, MO still hasn’t received hers. as of publication, we’re at 15 and a half days. [View the story "How to mail a book" on Storify]

Getting Started with Android

Among my friends, I’m often the looked on as the “Android Guy.” I’ve been using Android devices longer than almost all of my friends. I’ve used both iOS and Android devices, and have a pretty good understanding of the benefits and difficulties with each. I’m often asked for assistance in making the transition from iOS to Android. A few years ago, I wrote up some recommended Android apps for a friend.

What to do in San Antonio

I’m looking forward to the upcoming Big League Weekend, San Antonio’s only chance to see Major League Baseball played in our town. It’ll be interesting to see how they convert the Alamodome to a baseball stadium, and the Fan Fest looks like it’ll be a lot of fun. I know there are some Royals fans headed down this way to see the Royals play. This will be a good chance to show off some of the best that San Antonio has to offer.

Making a Whackbook

I’ve had my old, white, cracked placstic MacBook 4,1 (Mid 2008) since mid 2008. It’s been a great little machine for me, but it’s way past its prime. It’s no longer able to run the latest version of OS X, and the latest applciations aren’t remotely capable of running on Snow Leopard, or whatever version of OS X that the hardware is capable of handling. Speaking of hardware, I maxed out the RAM, upgraded the HDD, and replaced the battery; this little laptop has some life in it, yet.

Episode 0 - SA Tech Dad Show

I finally got to start something I’ve been hoping to do for quite some time now. My good friend Drew Cox cohosts a weekly video podcast with me. We really enjoy the format, and have been very helpful to many of our customers at work. But we also have interests outside of work, namely our families, nerdy technology things, and the delicious food and beverages that can be found here in San Antonio.