Sample Portfolio

Rackspace Blog

I wrote more than 50 posts for the Rackspace blog over my almost 5 years with the company, all on a volunteer basis. The unofficial motto of the Community and Social teams was “#BeHelpful.” I found I could best be helpful by writing down what worked for other customers, sharing it with a larger audience.

Rackspace Community

As a Community Manager at Rackspace, I took a proactive approach to our customer success content. Many of the guides and resources I created were intended for our newest customers. My firm belief is that the first few weeks with a new customer determine how long they’ll be a customer, and so much of my content was written to help get the newest customers ready for success.

My Blog

My personal blog has morphed a bit through the years. Recently, I’ve been writing helpful tips for my friends and family. I try to find a way to document and capture the things that I think will help others.

Beer Reviews

I’ve been known to enjoy a tasty beverage or two, and recently San Antonio Flavor has given me the opportunity to share reviews for local craft beers. A few of my favorites: