Recommended Android Apps 2019

Updated for 2019

Among my friends, I’m often the looked on as the “Android Guy.” I’ve been using Android devices longer than almost all of my friends. I’ve used both iOS and Android devices, and have a pretty good understanding of the benefits and difficulties with each. I’m often asked for assistance in making the transition from iOS to Android..

A few years ago, I wrote up some recommended Android apps for a friend (and a few updates along the way). Most of those apps are still highly recommended, but a few are out of date, better alternatives exist, or the functionality has been incorporated into Android, itself.

When I first wrote this article, the best hardware came from Samsung. This is still fairly true, but the Google Pixel phones are fantastic, and I strongly recommend using these phones, whenever possible. They’re going to get updates as soon as Google sends them out, so they’ll consistently be the most secure and up-to-date phones available. Plus, they’ll be the first to receive any new application features. Google even develops the hardware and software together, so that they can take advantage of the synergy there.

Google Project Fi

I signed up for Google’s phone service, Project Fi. It’s only available on a few devices, but if you’ve got one of the devices, or are considering switching, definitely check out Project Fi as an option. It’s saved me literally hundreds of dollars over what I would have paid through T-Mobile or Verizon. Sign up with my code, and we’ll both get a discount.

All of the Google Apps.

Most of them aren’t the default on a Samsung device, and it’s well worth it to either install them or set them up as your default.

Communication Apps

If you don’t have a Pixel, you’re likely using the manufacturer’s messaging app. And it’s likely not great. Besides, texting is so 2009; use one of these messaging apps - that can often also do SMS.


Daily Life Apps


Fun & Games