Cold Brewed Benchmarks

Last week I read an article on Lifehacker about a less messy way to cold brew coffee. As a fan of cold brewed coffee, wanted to try this. Cold brewing is very easy, but it does leave a bit of a mess. I needed to be able to brew my coffee quickly, easily and with as little mess as possible.
The Lifehacker article describes what appears to be a very simple, no cleanup version of the cold brewing process with little to no filtering needed. - that’s my Holy Grail, to be able to go straight from brewing to drinking without having to filter. I’m not there yet.

I tried the method, and it worked, somewhat. I still had way too much sediment that escaped the bag - I needed to filter the coffee before it was fit to drink. But I ended up with a passable result. And, now I have a solid benchmark to point back to as I adjust more variables.

After making my first batch of coffee, I co-hosted a live Google Plus Hangout about benchmarking cloud applications. It was a great reminder that all I had done was fool around with my coffee routine. I had no way to actually generate a baseline from which I could iterate. So this time I went back and made some notes. Now we’ll keep adding to this and see how I progress from there.


Version 1 Version 2
Coffee 200g 100g
Water 1600g 500g
Primary Filter Single Filter Bag Single Filter Bag
Grind Coarsest grind on burr grinder Very coarse (blade grinder; pulsed)
Outcome too much sediment. Needed much extra filtering. Some sediment, very concentrated flavor