What to do in San Antonio Besides The Final Four

Exploring San Antonio: Where to eat, drink, and play like a local

A few years ago the Royals came to town for an exhibition game played at the Alamodome here in San Antonio. I put together a guide, with the help of my friend Drew, and shared it with some folks looking for the best bets to see in San Antonio besides the games. I updated it this year for the Final Four. You’ll find some great restaurants, bars, breakfast taco spots, and even a few attractions to check out.

I made a map. My buddy Drew Cox is a prodigious list maker. He’s got a list for everything, and his lists are always extremely complete. I took his “What To Do in San Antonio” list and map, and distilled it to a more compact list. I also created a specific list of about 10 “best bets,” that I think are most worth checking out. The map is embedded above, be sure to check out the full-sized map for details and additional layers of information.

If you’re in town for the Final Four, be sure to give me a shout, I’d be happy to say hi, and maybe grab a beer.