Recommended Android Apps 2017

Updated for 2017 Among my friends, I’m often the looked on as the “Android Guy.” I’ve been using Android devices longer than almost all of my friends. I’ve used both iOS and Android devices, and have a pretty good understanding of the benefits and difficulties with each. I’m often asked for assistance in making the transition from iOS to Android. A few years ago, I wrote up some recommended Android apps for a friend (and a few updates along the way).

Hey, you should listen to podcasts

I know I’m super late to the party, but March is #trypod month. See, it’s a pun, based on the idea that people who are already fans of podcasts - me - and who already might appreciate their value would be able to introduce their friends and family to the podcasts they love. So I’m going to do just that. So, two quick things, before the list: 1. What’s a podcast?

A Blast from the Past: IE6 Compatibility

Note: My “On this day” over on Facebook just reconnected me with a blog post I wrote 7 years ago, today. Let’s hop into the Wayback Machine to understand why the heck I was writing about this 7 years ago. While working for a health care startup, I researched, evaluated, and eventually implemented a software as a service (SaaS) collaboration platform called Central Desktop (now iMeet Central) for the company.

Continual Improvement

A recipe for continual improvement When I was up in Kansas City last summer for my grandfather’s 90th birthday, I knew I needed some good coffee. I asked around on Twitter, and got a recommendation from a trusted friend - Second Best Coffee. Heading to @2bckc on the recommendation of @Jeremy_Danner. I trust his beer recommendations, and I expect his coffee recs are good, too. — Alan Bush (@alanbush) August 19, 2016 They absolutely did not disappoint.

All Good Things Must End

The next step Last week my tenure at Rackspace ended. I knew - we all knew - that a “workforce reduction” was coming. I didn’t think I’d be one of the nearly 200 local Rackers impacted1. But I was. It was certainly shocking. But I understand and agree with the need to shift resources to the areas of the business that need them the most. I still support Rackspace, and think they’ve got a bright future ahead.

How to make Outlook act like Google Inbox

Last year I shared a colleague’s method to deal with email overload. I’ve been using it for a year, and these three simple rules have been a great help for email sanity at work. In my personal life, Google’s Inbox has provided a great way for me to “snooze” email that isn’t relevant until a certain date. This keeps my inbox clean, and prompts me to action at the appropriate time.