Vices CD Release Party

Last night my wife and I attended the CD release party for our friend Danny Gibbons who performs as Our Sleeping Giant. We had a fun time with great people, listened to some good music, and got to celebrate Danny’s achievement.

The show was at The 1011 in San Antonio. It’s a great little dive bar that specializes in live music and beer - and they do both well. They’re also Spurs fans, so things like this aren’t much of a surprise:

Kickstarted Album

Danny launched this album via a Kickstarter campaign, and my wife and I backed it. It was our largest stake in a Kickstarter at the time, and we were happy to help our friend make an album. It was a nice experience to watch this crowdfunding campaign with a little bit more interest than the average campaign. It takes a lot of work to run a successful campaign - more I think than most people realize.

You can buy Danny’s album “Vices” at Bandcamp.